Advantages of FASTBRACES®

It's long been said that true luxury is the taking of pains the end user will never see. That is what makes FASTBRACES® products a pleasure to wear. To know the inside story is to see how the history of FASTBRACES® Technologies is still alive and well today, alongside the founder's insistence that for our discerning doctor clients only the best will do.

The ultimate goal of FASTBRACES® products is a presentation of ease and relaxation in motion and of comfort in action. Like a champion athlete, whose seemingly natural performance is actually a result of thousands of hours of practice, the apparently effortless fit and performance of Fastbraces® Technology is the result of magnificent artistry.

Add today's technology to the superb quality of the past, and you get a product that is both affordable and comfortable. The patented triangular brackets, designed to move the roots of the teeth towards their final position from the onset of treatment, is of uncompromising workmanship and at the forefront of a philosophy of craftsmanship over two decades old.

Today, the original FASTBRACES® Standard Metal™ bracket is still a mainstay; however, there are other options, too. FASTBRACES® Technologies ensures that visits to providing dentists are an entry into a world of unexpected and affordable alternatives, such as: aesthetically pleasing FASTBRACES® Ceramic Clear™ brackets, and the new amazing product design by Viazi™. the FASTBRACES®TURBO™ for those discerning patients whose time is more important than money.

As an icon of tradition and an inspiration for the future, FASTBRACES® is now globally known because of its affordable, fast and comfortable reputation. Unlike typical braces, which measure corrections in terms of years, FASTBRACES® Technologies typically help move teeth into position within weeks to months. The results must be seen to be truly appreciated.


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